Saturday, 21 September 2013

Philippines Call Centers Beware of Shawn Peterson and Verengo Solar

Verengo Solar are the client of Shawn Peterson who defrauds call centers in the Philippines on a daily weekly basis.

His name is well known all over Cebu with a lot of call centers who have lost thousands of dollars.

This lying Pakistani who claims to be an American is not only defrauding call centers but with the support of Verengo Solar. A U.S. based solar company that is exploiting Philippines call center's with the help of Shawn Peterson.

They are well aware of what is happening with call centers and how Shawn's interference is forcing them to be blackmailed into bankruptcy. The main reason these people went with Shawn in the first place was because they trusted having a large client such as Verengo solar and that they thought Shawn Peterson was actually an American citizen.

Protect your fellow Filipinos and let all call centers know not to work with Shawn Peterson if you want solar contracts talk to others out there who have and owned call centers in the Philippines. Shawn Peterson has nothing but a pool of lies to choose from and the support of Verengo Solar in the exploitation of the Philippines.

Get these guys off our shores!

Call center con artists brought to justice

Shawn Peterson is a criminal and con artist who operates in the call centre industry expecting protection by call centers not naming and shaming.

The industry is built on protecting its clients but Shawn has never had anyone sign a non-disclosure agreement either for his protection or his clients. Shawn lies about the fact he owns a call center because he needs his U.S. clients to believe the centers are his to get the contracts.

Everything about Shawn Peterson is a fraud and we are here to make sure the world knows. We are not stopping there though. Got a broker doing the same as Shawn Peterson or a client that hops around from centre to centre not paying their bills we want to know about it.

Shawn Peterson has brought this to our attention and we are now going to make sure everyone see's and knows about these fraudsters. The game is on.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Shawn Peterson as described by another Call Center

I operate a call center in the Philippines and came across Shawn some time ago. I will explain everything as he's busy complaining at me for starting this blog (it's not mine!).

But I was offered the contract out of 724Care as they were shutting it down there due to none payment. At the time I wasn't aware of that being the issue as Shawn Peterson told me that it was a wire that had gone bad and he was simply waiting for it to clear to resend.
An email after we ditched him mind says otherwise! I don't have contact with 724Care but I was actually contacted by someone else who does have regular contact with them. The reason they contacted me is slimy Shawn was using my name to get into other call centers saying how we "work together". We didn't work together I was running his solar campaign but could see there were issues with it.

Although this person as well as several others confirm that Shawn Peterson owes 724Care $8,500 for none payment of services. I managed to make a profit every week but was finding around 30% of the figures were fake but wasn't a lot I could do about it. That was until Shawn accidently sent me a real report that approved 130+ leads we were having around 60 approved per week!! This lying scumbag was doctoring the reports every week in his favour. He told me he sent the wrong report by mistake but simply there is NO WRONG REPORT. I can explain that in more detail as well, Shawn Peterson gets the reports on a Tuesday and doesn't give them out until Friday/Saturday giving him nearly a week to alter the figures. Looking at them closely it was easy to see the originals and his fake as he hadn't even bothered to keep the same format on the excel sheets. Spelling mistakes and errors someone who wasn't English would make were apparent.

Basically I dropped Shawn and I dropped Verengo Solar at the same time. I informed Lauren Lwunderlich over at Verengo what Shawn was doing as it damages the companies profile. I would never work with Shawn again and I am not sure what goes on with Shawn and Verengo but the fact he is still working with them says a lot about the company in its dealings.

During the time I worked with Shawn I watched 5 small call centers fold and another one is recently struggling to stay open after Shawn poached their agents after they dropped his contract.

Very unprofessional person and later being informed he was a Pakistani lying he's an American as well as then going through my emails checking the headers I can confirm he is in Pakistan. I estimate Shawn by doctoring my figures every week has cost me around $30,000 in lost revenue that he stole.

What happens when you refuse to work with Shawn Peterson ?

I agreed to do this interview if my name and call centre were not brought up but my testimony is the truth. We had been introduced to Shawn Peterson after our call centre had been struggling for some months. We were happy to have a new contract to work with and he had agreed to pay 50% of the money upfront with the rest to follow.

Our first week was not so good as we didn't get the sales we expected. We had submitted many but many were rejected we were not sure why. Shawn Peterson then confronted us saying he would not pay the other 50% unless we reduced our hourly rate. It was already very low at $5.00 per hour but we were desperate for the work.

We then started working for $3.50 per hour and he slowly forced us into three weeks behind in payments. It wasn't long until he was demanding more agents and we could not afford to quit the contract as he had so many of our agents and also 3 weeks of our centers income.

This is when things started to get worse as he recruited one of our HR managers and also her brother, he stole dialing data from our center and both left our company. In the last few weeks they then with the help of Shawn Peterson stole 20 of our best agents by offering high salaries.

We are now at a stage we may not recover the business as training agents takes weeks and we lost our entire team as well as nearly everything associated with the contract. Shawn Peterson is very bad for the Philippines call center industry. He's a liar and manipulative in every sense do not trust this guy he will destroy your business!

He has taken our workers to work on the Verengo contract again after moving them to a new location. The reason he did all this to us was that we had started to try and find new clients to break the contract with Shawn as we were slowly being destroyed.

Shawn Peterson - Solar Panels

Verengo Solar and Shawn Peterson

Verengo Solar and Shawn Peterson.

Shawn Peterson and Verengo Solar have been working together for over 2 years according to Shawn.

Question is who is lying to who? Because Shawn Peterson doesn't exist, his LLC is a ghost company, his home address is stated as Virginia but doing a background check he doesn't live there. Checking his emails you can trace him back to Pakistan.

Does Verengo Solar know that they are dealing with a Pakistani and actually sending money into a country that could see these funds used for terrorism?

Answer to that is yes, as contact had been made with several people at Verengo explaining that Shawn Peterson is a fraud and his name, identity and business are all fake.

Thing is it doesn't stop Verengo from seeing Dollars in their eyes when it comes to live transfer calls. Because Shawn Peterson is cheaper than cheap. U.S. call centers get $100+ working for Verengo per live transfer Shawn Peterson pays call centers as little as $35 per lead!! But Shawn doesn't get the $100 either as Verengo know they are dealing with a lying Pakistani guy in the first place.

They know he owns no call centers, they know he doesn't even have one employee. What they have is someone who will take the brunt of bankrupting companies when he doesn't pay them. But also he will get people to work for him extremely cheaply. So Verengo make extra money out of exploiting Asians to do the work for them via Shawn.

Why? The Philippines is a developing call center hub and often small call centers will take on new contracts based on trust. Shawn Peterson does not show his Pakistani face when he communicates, he does nearly everything via Skype and even tries to fake a U.S. voice on the phone.

But his phone traces back to Asia as its a VOIP (Like a Skype network number its fake not location related).

Verengo Solar and Shawn Peterson have worked hand in hand in destroying call centers and making Shawn wealthy (we already know Shawn isn't his real name!). At the same time the very fact Shawn gets no disruptions with Verengo tells us he is bribing someone within the company aswell.

Because there is several reasons they wouldn't do this with a normal U.S. company :-

  • His LLC is fake.
  • He doesn't own a call center.
  • He signed a non-competing agreement with Verengo but has been working with 1stLightEnergy so that he can double dip sales. He did the same with 1Bog and more recently tried to open up a contract with CEE. He got CEE via agents he stole from another call center in the Philippines.
  • He is offshore when he is supposed to be in the U.S.
These things above and more are prime examples of why Verengo shouldn't be working with Shawn Peterson. But there are far worse things to come!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shawn Peterson - Intelligence 2 Communications

Shawn Peterson - Fraudster
Being Shawn Peterson from Intelligence 2 Communications is not an easy job. As you will find working with me on the phone that slipping back into my Pakistani accent every 2 minutes is a prime example of my inability to be "American".

You see the main issue is that being someone who tells everyone I grew up in Virginia and was educated there in the U.S. is that my accent won't even hold up on the Phone. The only people dumb enough to believe it is Lauren over at Verengo Solar.

I have been working with many solar companies in the U.S. under my brand Intelligence 2 Communications which is a fake company I setup in the U.S. I pretend to be living in the U.S. because I have a VOIP number. If you don't know what that is basically if you ordered a Skype number yourself you can see you can pick many countries to be from! That's me! Pretending to be in the U.S. with a U.S. office nothing is true.

What has happened though is Verengo solar are stuck with me as I deliver so many leads for them they won't drop me even though I could even be funding terrorism with money out of their solar payments. We are talking over $20,000 a week people! Not small change and could be dropping straight into the pockets of Militia in Pakistan.

Are Verengo aware of this? of course they are but the money is rolling in every week and doesn't stop. They have quashed their competition by using me as I under pay call centers and often disappear without payment.

Ask AGC = Lost 1 weeks money for their agents as I disappeared.
Ask 724Care = Lost $8,500 I never paid after disappearing.
Ask = I underpaid them for months.
Ask Avidroff = Lost 3 weeks payments that I never paid, but then I poached their agents and HR manager and her brother who also worked there the "Aviso's" who also stole data dialing lists. I may have forced yet another center into bankruptcy haha.. as the data alone was worth over $5,000
5 Small Philippines centers = Can't ask them as they all went bankrupt!

But as long as I have the support of Verengo things won't stop. I am making a fortune by crippling call centers and taking all the money for myself. But you may wonder who's working for who here as I keep the door with Verengo well and truly open by paying off staff a percentage of my sales.

Welcome to corrupt solar companies!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Shawn Peterson AKA Muhammad Bashir

shawn peterson, mahammad bashir
I am Shawn Peterson AKA Muhammad Bashir you may know me for being famous for bankrupting call centers.

I am an experienced marketeer and understand how desperate some people are to do business. They wouldn't deal with an Indian or Pakistani native so I began creating my own image as a U.S. citizen. Call me I fake my voice, look around on the web you won't find many images of me because I am not Shawn Peterson!
Muhammad Bashir is a very common name in my country and I bet you couldn't find me with that name either. I hide out in my bedroom office very similar to good old Osama.

We have a lot in common. We are both abusers of the West he in his way mine in mine.

I target U.S. companies telling them I am American based an American citizen and that I have my own call centers in Virginia and Canada. Bin Laden well we all know what he used to get upto.

We both hide in Pakistan (until Bin Laden's death that is) avoiding prosecution. I have an illegal phone faxing business where I fax companies day in day out selling toner and ink cartridges. You just need to call my U.S. toll free number which directs back to my bedroom in Pakistan.

I also have a cowboy hat as well ! I have been getting rich for a long time duping not only U.S. businesses but also manipulating call centers around the world. I make them think I am a large corporate client yet I am sitting in my bedroom the whole time. I use them to make my millions and all along I am actually telling the call centers they are not good and failing their sales targets.

That's where we differ from Bin Laden as he actually believed in what he did for his own cause, I believe in the U.S. dollar and stealing as much as possible from the West. Maybe I can do more damage long term, what do you think?