Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shawn Peterson - Intelligence 2 Communications

Shawn Peterson - Fraudster
Being Shawn Peterson from Intelligence 2 Communications is not an easy job. As you will find working with me on the phone that slipping back into my Pakistani accent every 2 minutes is a prime example of my inability to be "American".

You see the main issue is that being someone who tells everyone I grew up in Virginia and was educated there in the U.S. is that my accent won't even hold up on the Phone. The only people dumb enough to believe it is Lauren over at Verengo Solar.

I have been working with many solar companies in the U.S. under my brand Intelligence 2 Communications which is a fake company I setup in the U.S. I pretend to be living in the U.S. because I have a VOIP number. If you don't know what that is basically if you ordered a Skype number yourself you can see you can pick many countries to be from! That's me! Pretending to be in the U.S. with a U.S. office nothing is true.

What has happened though is Verengo solar are stuck with me as I deliver so many leads for them they won't drop me even though I could even be funding terrorism with money out of their solar payments. We are talking over $20,000 a week people! Not small change and could be dropping straight into the pockets of Militia in Pakistan.

Are Verengo aware of this? of course they are but the money is rolling in every week and doesn't stop. They have quashed their competition by using me as I under pay call centers and often disappear without payment.

Ask AGC = Lost 1 weeks money for their agents as I disappeared.
Ask 724Care = Lost $8,500 I never paid after disappearing.
Ask = I underpaid them for months.
Ask Avidroff = Lost 3 weeks payments that I never paid, but then I poached their agents and HR manager and her brother who also worked there the "Aviso's" who also stole data dialing lists. I may have forced yet another center into bankruptcy haha.. as the data alone was worth over $5,000
5 Small Philippines centers = Can't ask them as they all went bankrupt!

But as long as I have the support of Verengo things won't stop. I am making a fortune by crippling call centers and taking all the money for myself. But you may wonder who's working for who here as I keep the door with Verengo well and truly open by paying off staff a percentage of my sales.

Welcome to corrupt solar companies!

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