Friday, 20 September 2013

What happens when you refuse to work with Shawn Peterson ?

I agreed to do this interview if my name and call centre were not brought up but my testimony is the truth. We had been introduced to Shawn Peterson after our call centre had been struggling for some months. We were happy to have a new contract to work with and he had agreed to pay 50% of the money upfront with the rest to follow.

Our first week was not so good as we didn't get the sales we expected. We had submitted many but many were rejected we were not sure why. Shawn Peterson then confronted us saying he would not pay the other 50% unless we reduced our hourly rate. It was already very low at $5.00 per hour but we were desperate for the work.

We then started working for $3.50 per hour and he slowly forced us into three weeks behind in payments. It wasn't long until he was demanding more agents and we could not afford to quit the contract as he had so many of our agents and also 3 weeks of our centers income.

This is when things started to get worse as he recruited one of our HR managers and also her brother, he stole dialing data from our center and both left our company. In the last few weeks they then with the help of Shawn Peterson stole 20 of our best agents by offering high salaries.

We are now at a stage we may not recover the business as training agents takes weeks and we lost our entire team as well as nearly everything associated with the contract. Shawn Peterson is very bad for the Philippines call center industry. He's a liar and manipulative in every sense do not trust this guy he will destroy your business!

He has taken our workers to work on the Verengo contract again after moving them to a new location. The reason he did all this to us was that we had started to try and find new clients to break the contract with Shawn as we were slowly being destroyed.

Shawn Peterson - Solar Panels

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